First Public Collection Day at the National Library of Ireland

Sharing stories of treasured objects at the Inspiring Ireland Collection Day 31 Oct 2015 at the NLI

The National Library of Ireland

31 October 2015

The first Inspiring Ireland 1916 Collection Day was held on 31 October 2015 in partnershiop with the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. A collection day involves members of the public bringing their treasured objects from 1916 to be digitisted, and telling the stories of how they came to possess these objects. Trained interviewers collect the facts and family folklore surrounding the objects, professional high quality images are taken, and in time the digital objects are catalogued by archivists and deposited into the Digital Repository of Ireland for long term preservation. These objects then appear as Collection Day items on the Inspiring Ireland site, and some will also take part in special themed exhibitions. The contributed items appear within a dedicated collection space alongside curated exhibitions of objects from Inspiring Ireland 1916 partner institutions.
Many more collection days are being planned across Ireland with a host of collaborators, and internationally with our partners at the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Diaspora Affairs. A follow-up event to the first collection day is being held in Dublin in December 2015 to collect the remaining objects and stories from our first round of collecting. Regional and international days are being planned for early 2016. Stay tuned to this space for dates!