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The Gaelic American: Obituary Philomena Plunkett

Lengthy obituary for Philomena Plunkett from the Gaelic American.

The Gaelic American was a weekly newspaper published in New York City by The Gaelic American Publishing Company from 1903 to 1951. The paper was founded by Irish nationalist leader John Devoy, who was the editor until his death in 1928.

Philomena ('Mimi') O'Leary (née Plunkett). Mimi was a daughter of Count and sister of Joseph Mary Plunkett, one of the executed leaders of the Easter 1916 rising; her two other brothers, George Oliver Plunkett and Jack Plunkett, also fought in the rising.

As a young woman, Mimi was a member of Cumann na mBan. In March 1916 the leaders of the IRB realised that plans to bring in arms from Germany would have to be changed, but could not communicate directly from Ireland with Germany because of wartime hostilities. Mimi was chosen as the courier to carry a coded message to John Devoy and other supporters in New York. She arrived on 14 April 1916, and a telegram was sent to Berlin by the German embassy, but it was too late to stop the arms being sent to Ireland.

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