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Portrait of Grace Gifford

Portrait of Grace Gifford

Grace Gifford Plunkett smiling in garden of 8 Temple Villas, Dublin.

Grace Gifford was an Irish cartoonist and republican. She married Joseph Mary Plunkett on the night before he was executed in Kilmainham jail in 1916. He was one of the seven signatories of the Proclamation. Grace applied in 1937 for a Military Service Pension for services to the nationalist struggle from 1916 – 1923. She claimed those services to be “production of political cartoons and collecting for the republican cause.”

In the course of her application, she drew attention to the fact that the pension she received as a result of her husband’s death was “less by £20 than that given to the children of Arthur Griffith, and (I believe) less by some hundreds than that given to his widow.” As the file demonstrates, that situation was quickly remedied and she was awarded £500 per annum. She did not, however, succeed in gaining a pension in her own right.

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Thomas MacDonagh Family
Dublin, Ireland
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