Frongoch and 1916: Recreating a Lost Landscape

The new Frongoch 1916 exhibitions were launched on December 6, 2016, the 94th anniversary of the establishment of the Irish Free State


The collections comprise three intertwined themes that recreate the lost landscape of Frongoch prison camp by telling the big, small and hidden stories of men who were detained there until December 1916. Accompanied by expert narrative these fascinating sources include ‘found’ objects from private collections - correspondence, 'autograph' books and diaries, alongside official documents, photos, artworks and handicrafts made by prisoners, and more, from the collections of the National Museum and National Library of Ireland and the Peoples Collection Wales, a digital cultural heritage project of the National Museum and Library of Wales.


This series of exhibitions has been made possible through the generous support of the Reconciliation Fund of the Irish Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade






Collection Days

Digitised objects from private collections, contributed at Inspiring Ireland 1916 public memorabilia collection days.


Collected on 31 Oct 2015


Collected on 9 Dec 2016


Collected on 19 Mar 2016

New York

Collected on 17 Apr 2016